Location of GA PrecisionTech Europe GmbH

Our company premises are located in Oelsnitz/Erzgebirge.


GA PrecisionTech Europe GmbH
Pflockenstraße 14a, 09376 Oelsnitz

Approach to our location:

Our premises are located in 09376 Oelsnitz/Erzgebirge Pflockenstraße 14A.

Take the A72 to the Hartenstein exit and then follow the S255 for 1.7 km in the direction of Oelsnitz/Erzgebirge. Then turn into Pflockenstraße and follow it for a good 5 km.

Take the A72 to the Stollberg-Nord exit. Continue on Chemnitzer Straße for approx. 2 km in the direction of Niederwürschnitz and then straight ahead on Lichtensteiner Straße and Äußere Stollberger Straße. Turn right into Karl-Liebknecht-Straße and then right again into Pflockenstraße.

You can reach us via the Neuoelsnitz stop on the CityBahn Chemnitz or via the Oelsnitz Grenzstraße bus stop.